5 Best New Restaurants in Los Angeles for 2019

5 Best New Restaurants in Los Angeles for 2019

5 must try restaurants in Los Angeles in 2019

Top L.A restaurants to try in 2019

The city of Angels has a mouth-watering dining scene with tantalizing food offerings from taco trucks to the top restaurants in the world; Not to mention anything and everything in between.

We have below rifled off 5 Must try restaurants in Los Angeles for 2019. Its barely scratching the surface, however if you are looking for a little inspiration for the weekend, then go and head down to on the fantastic offerings of which we reminisce.

Here 5 Must Try Restaurants in Los Angeles for 2019

  • Dear Johns
  • Auburn
  • Tacos 1986
  • Dudley Market
  • Spago of Beverly Hills
  • n/naka

Dear Johns

Dear Johns is a refreshing taste of Hollywood past, paying a homage to one of Frank Sinatra’s favourite restaurants as he used to frequent the Culver city location.

Hosted in a colab effort between chefs Hans Rockenwagner and Josiah Citrin. Citrin and Rockenwagner have turned back time with bright red tablecloths, dark booths, and dishes that bring fond memories of The Dear Johns from many moons ago.

Think shrimp cocktails, Chicken parm and to die for steak. Martinis and Manhattans served with flash backs to Hollywood’s glory days.

The sad news is Dear Johns is only around for a brief time before developers flip the lid, so get in while the goings good!


Husband and wife design duo Jon and Maša Kleinhample have created some atheistic magic at Auburn; A fine-dining restaurant located on Melrose Avenue, in a space that has housed several famous eateries, top of the table being Michel Richard’s Citrus.

The gorgeous dining room was designed to re-create the experience of eating at home, drawing on the numerous dinner parties that the Kleinhample’s held at their home in Belgium. The open kitchen showcases the chefs at work providing a focal point for diners.

Be sure to try the Hiramasa crudo, Brandywine tomatoes or the 30-day dry aged ribeye with morels and Australian truffle.

Tacos 1986

L.A.s best Taco experience? Quite possibly.

Jorge Alvarez-Tostado, taquero don who goes by the name of Joy brings his swagger to the L.A. taco game.

Joy shouts ticket orders, tends the trompo (a vertical rotisserie) and knocks out tacos in a split second all while working the crowd with control and charisma. He throws gesture and blows kisses for Instagrammers whilst creating some of the most delicious taco restaurants we have tried.

A simple menu built on classic flavours, we should not need to convince you to go and try Tacos 1986.

Dudley market

Venice always seems to be bustling with new development and a myriad of restaurants, on the most part demonstrating the spirit of local flavour. The Dudley Market brought to you by Conner Mitchell, who’s retaken the space after a stint there with Jesse Barber in 2015 is no different, in fact it’s a leader of the pack in our eyes.

While the name and the location are the same, what’s inside is a fairly different experience, with a renewed focus on wine and a seafood focussed offering. There are also meat and vegetable options, so for those in doubt there is tasty options for all.

Dudley Market is very much a local’s haunt, so keep an eye out for the various s specials and themes to get up and amongst…

Sundays are a bring-your-own vinyl night, Mondays are half priced wines.

There are often other specials also, so keep an eye out and go try Dudley market for yourself.

Spago of Beverly hills

Name a more iconic L.A restaurant? Can you?

Spago has been pleasing appetites for 40 years, however never fails to keep things fresh with changing and innovative menus.

Spagos menu features contemporary numbers such as chirashi boxes of sashimi with a yuzu-jalapeño gel. (delicious FYI) and Spanish octopus with coconut and charred habanero;

If you have never tried the classic handmade agnolotti then please do yourself a favour… Load it up with truffles too.


Chef-owner Niki Nakayama is a former protégé of the legendary Morihiro Onodera and recently shot into the limelight after the Netflix special ‘Chefs Table’ showcased n/naka, but have no doubt, those in the know already had eyes on Niki’s incredible cuisine.

Niki has a classical style of Japanese cooking that celebrates a progression of textures, temperatures, tastes and seasonality.

Fixed menus and great options for vegetarians are the norm. Niki will take you on a culinary journey, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

The menus change daily and seasonally and it’s no easy task to get a seat as Nakayama is one of L.A.’s best chefs. However, we can tell you it’s worth your while to go and try n/naka

Do you have some favourite restaurants that you think are ahead of the pack in L.A at the moment?

We would love to hear about them I the comments below.


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