5 California food trends for 2019

5 California food trends for 2019

California always hovers at the forefront of food trends in the US, and hence it’s always a joy to share our ‘ 5 California food trends for 2019 ’ with you. This year we expect to see plant-based proteins, Cali Baja fusion, Poke bowls, Matcha everything and more cooking at home…

Roll on, our 5 California Food Trends for this year…

Cali-Baja style

Mexico’s infamous border may be true to its name in some respects, however it definitely doesn’t hold back the sharing of two great cuisines in order to bring us the Cali-Baja style feast that we all know and love. Born and bred between San Diego and Baja California, Cali-Baja brings together two great cuisines marrying flavours perfect for the climate and bursting with flavour.

At the beginning of this great story is the oh so amazing fish taco. First brought to us in 1983 by Ralph Rubio, who borrowed a recipe from his favourite vendor and opened a successful Taco stand in San Diego. The Fish Taco is these days, concreted into most of our minds and eaten by the masses daily…. (actually, going for a fish taco when this article is done…)

For 2019 think grilled shrimp, michelada’s, fish tacos, slow cooked ribs, mission figs, liquorice and guava…

Plant based meat

So, we are not here to give you advice on the stock market but did you hear that a company called Beyond meat shot up 708% from its initial IPO price from early May. If that’s not a sign of a food trend then we don’t know what is.

20% of under-35s have tried veganism, and 25% of our evening meals are now meat-free. The Plant Based diet is no longer niche, its catching up to meat-based diets. Ok, it has a long way to go but it’s still a happening movement and its closing in quickly.

“The ‘plant-based’ goods industry is now expected to be worth $4.2 billion after growing 18 per cent in the last year. 

“Cruelty-free eating is huge in California, which has huge and growing vegan population.”

Poké Bowls

Healthy, good for on the go, delicious and exciting with endless possibilities for flavour combos. Pronounced “poh-keh,” these cubes of raw fish are seasoned and cured with garlic, soy, onion, and sesame. Pair this with some gluten free noodles, pickled veggies, pineapple, sprouts and salad… Yum.

Originating from the islands of Hawaii, Poke Bowls have smacked Cali like punch to the face and all for very good reason. This is just me, but if I’m hurtling around get some life admin or work knocked out then I can’t think of something I would rather have for lunch. Quick, simple, healthy and so so delicious.

Also perfect for many intolerances, this simple clean form of eating is going to be huge for 2019 and probably for the rest of our lives… (my taste buds like to hope…)

Matcha ‘pretty much everything’

This Japanese green tea has become all the rage in California as it boasts a plethora of health benefits, its packed with antioxidants and tastes great.

Our first introduction to match was simply through a subtle steeped tea. However, since then we have had the pleasure of trying Matcha Lattes, Ice creams and a personal fave, raw chocolate and Matcha cookies.

California even has several Matcha-themed cafes such as Shuhari Matcha Café in Venice and Matcha Love in Costa Mesa and San Jose.

Cooking at home…

Cooking and entertaining at home is set to be a trend in 2019. According to a report by global food and hospitality consultant Baum and Whiteman, more people will choose to eat at home this year than visit restaurants. 

Whether its surging restaurant prices, a new found love for home cooked food or all the daily inspiration that comes from Social Media and TV cooking shows, it’s a trend that At Your Table have encouraged for years.

With several start-ups producing hassle free meal kits and great produce, it’s no surprise people are taking to entertaining at home. 

And if you would love to entertain at home but still get that same restaurant quality then what better way to do it than hire yourself a personal chef from At Your table…

Got some other ideas about what we could be seeing more of in 2019? Let us know in the comments below, we always love to hear your feedback.


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