5 Spotify Dinner Party playlists perfect for your next get together

5 Spotify Dinner Party playlists perfect for your next get together

Spotify playlists perfect for your next get together.

Online streaming music platforms pretty much changed the music world overnight and Spotify playlists made creating a great vibe during a get together all that much easier.

However, the thing with Spotify playlists is no matter who you are, we all get sick of our own songs from time to time and so we thought we would throw in a few suggestions for ease of use when it comes to your next dinner party or get together.

We figured a few Spotify Playlists that you can grab with one click of the mouse would be the ideal tool for helping ensure you throw an amazing dinner party.

With music it’s hard to hit everyone’s tastes with one fowl swoop so we have tried to think about the masses and have thrown a wide variety into a shortlist of Spotify playlists perfect for your next get together.

Here’s the Shortlist; 5 Dinner Party playlists perfect for your next get together

Whiskey Soaked Blues

An evening of cocktails? Some fun grub even a few ribs over the grill? Look no further than some garage blues.. Fun, easy listening and perfect with a few beers, some ribs or any sort of comfort grub.

The Black keys, R.L. Burnside, Lightning Hopkins, Black Joe Lewis Junior Kimborough

Dinner Party Essentials

Maybe this one is not my cup of tea but there is no doubt there are a few good eggs in there. You can be sure there are a few crowd pleasers and maybe it’s even just your thing.

Highlights include the likes of Khalid, George Ezra, Africa, Hozier and van Morrison.

There is a full range of genres all woven together to make for a fun night with friends.

Woodstock 69

Another classic when it comes to Spotify playlists that work for a dinner party but also perfect for a road trip, a BBQ, or even just a Tuesday arvo.

It’s Woodstock, it’s a part of music history.

Creedence Clearwater, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Jefferson airplane and cream…

Starbucks Dinner Party

So, Starbucks is not what I usually think of when I’m talking ‘Spotify Playlists for dinner parties’ but I stumbled across this and you know what, it’s a cracker! A coffee shop pulling out the Saturday evening goods. Guess where we will end up getting our coffee on Sunday..;)

A full range of fresh emerging artists, easy listening, no brainer simple option for a dinner playlist…

Amongst the highlights are Bat for lashes, Holy ghost, Yeasayer, Hot chip, Local Natives and Nick Murphy.

Dinner Romance

So, this is definitely on the soppier romantic side. It could be seen as a romantic evening playlist of simply an intimate dinner with just a couple of mates.

Expect the likes of Leon, Shakira, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Lionel Richie, Coldplay, Joe Coker and Eric Clapton.

Do you have any epic Spotify playlists that you be willing to share?

If so stick them in the comments below and we and no doubt a few of our readers shall be sure to check them out.


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