6 top tips for a last minute Dinner party!

6 top tips for a last minute Dinner party!

Top tips for a last minute dinner party

So, have you ever decide to throw a last minute dinner party? Or even been cornered into a bunch of hungry guests by a partner or friend? We certainly have.

Whether it was indecision on a restaurant, a last minute need to socialise or some out of town friends turned up on the doorstep, a last minute dinner party can be hard work to pull together and potentially stressful!

However, it doesn’t always need to be.

Here is At Your Tables 6 top tips for a last minute dinner party

Here is a list of top tips for you’re a last minute dinner party

  • Don’t over complicate things
  • Find yourself a great playlist
  • Crack open a delicious wine
  • Have a well-stocked  pantry someone
  • Choose Cheese
  • Contact ‘At Your Table’

1. Don’t over complicate things

Keep it simple stupid…

You don’t need to rustle up a degustation and matched wine menu. Keep things simple.

Think feasting plates, think banquet style.

A roast joint of meat or a whole roasted fish laid down the centre of the table, with a couple of healthy veg and salad dishes is just as impressive to a hungry guest as any degustation. Better still, by keeping it simple you are more likely to nail the flavours and presentation resulting a successful last minute dinner party.

2. Find yourself a great playlist.

Creating a great atmosphere is often overlooked for a dinner party, yet when you use a great playlist it can be one of the most simple ways to secure an enjoyable evening.

Spend a few minutes digging out an old favourite or even hop on Spotify and use the discover tool. There are hundreds of great playlist’s guaranteed to create a wonderful vibe for your last minute dinner party.

3. Crack open a delicious wine

Ok, so wine goes for any dinner party, be it last minute or organised months in advance.

However if there is one simple way to get a great last minute dinner party off to a good start, It’s a delicious glass of wine. It’ll put everyone at ease (yourself included) and help lubricate peoples personality meaning better conversation and an appreciation for some wonderful home cooking.

4. Have a well-stocked pantry

So a decent selection of goodies in your pantry will not only help in the need for a last minute dinner party, it will mean you have more options for some beautiful home cooking any day of the week! That’s a win-win in our book.

We find when chatting to friends or guests that a common excuse for not cooking enough at home is a lack of inspiring ingredients. Throwing together a delicious salad is far easier if you have a delectable chardonnay vinegar or some French Dijon mustard on hand.

Well the same goes for a last minute dinner party. When you are deciding what to cook, simply finding some inspiration in your pantry can spark an idea or help write the shopping list for you.

A well-stocked pantry generally results in more cooking at home, which helps with human connection and  a healthy well-being.

5. Choose Cheese over trying your hand at a soufflé!

Option 1.

Slave over the stove trying to make an impressive dessert, stressing whether it will set or rise or even worse not having time to cool the entrée plates down and your pannacotta and it melting everywhere…..

Option 2.

A wonderful cheese platter that took 5 minutes to put together, meaning you can sit down with your guests and enjoy the conversation.

Chuck some poppy seed lavoche, honeycomb, grapes and some fresh pear on your platter and voila, you have happy guests.

6. ‘Let At Your Table’ do it for you!

Hiring a personal chef is not only a great way to solve your last minute dinner party problems, it’s a guarantee that you’ll leave your guests impressed at the experience of fine dining, within the comfort of your own home.

Relaxing, intimate and all taken care of.

Have you any tips or ideas you would like to share for a last minute dinner party?

We would love to hear about them in the comments below.


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