The Best Food Blogs in the World

The Best Food Blogs in the World

Around the World In Eight Blogs – The Best of the Worlds Food Blogs

Best food blogs

Today, we’re giving you a mini vacation. Travel around the world with these eight bloggers, and get a little taste of the culture and dining experience that countries all around the world have to offer. Disclaimer: You will be hungry after seeing these blogs!

i am a food blog 

The first thing you’ll notice about this blog is that it is beautiful. Stephanie has an amazing eye for photographing food. The layout is clean, the fonts are cool – it’s just a pleasure to look at. It is not easy to sum up the style of food – she explains that she tries to recreate food that she enjoys in restaurants. There are Korean and Vietnamese influences, but then there are also Mint Juleps and Mini Grilled Cheeses. Above all, this is such a fun blog to click through.


Edible Ireland 

Run by an American expatriate with a very apparent love for her new home, Edible Ireland does an excellent job of sharing authentic Irish recipes, while also providing insight on what life in Ireland is really like. This blogger is an editor of cookbooks, too, and has a unique knowledge of the best Irish cookbooks that are released every year. Reading her blog is like taking a mini vacation to her new homeland.



A blog by Kate, named after herself and her dog. So cute. This is a vegetarian blog that focuses on healthy, whole ingredients. She offers gluten free and vegan recipes, too. There are all kinds of recipes – a ton of them. But they are organized well. It is easy to navigate, and beautifully displayed. Her personality really comes through in her posts, and she has a lot of interaction with her strong base of followers.


Tinned Tomatoes 

This blog is from Scottish chef, Jacqueline, who specializes in vegan and vegetarian dishes. She is a prolific blogger and very involved in the online world – her recipes appear on a number of sites, and she hosts monthly “blog events”. She has over 500 recipes on the site, but her love for baking shines through the most. This is a great site to find “family friendly” recipes, as the blogger likes to find stuff that her toddler will enjoy.


David Lebovitz 

David started cooking in the US, and got a lot of acclaim for his work as a pastry

chef. But then he left the restaurant industry and moved to Paris to focus on writing full time. He has a number of excellent books, but to get a taste for his life, the food he loves, and the places he visits – his blog is a great place to start. Visit this site for a glimpse into the life of a Parisian foodie, and for some of the most amazing dessert recipes that you will ever lay your eyes on.


Adrian Moore 

This Parisian food blogger gets his expertise from his day job. He is a concierge at a Paris hotel, so he spends his days recommending restaurants to guests, then his nights exploring new food and drink all over the city (for research?). He has a deep passion for food, and you’ll find a unique insiders perspective of Parisian foodie life. This is not a site for recipes – he primarily writes about restaurants he visits and experiences he has while out on the town.


She Simmers 

Leela is a Thai American, her blog is all about making traditional Thai recipes using American ingredients.She goes into great detail in her posts. There are five posts all about the different aspects of creating the popular Thailand staple, Pad Thai. This site is a great place to visit if you’re trying to cook Thai food for the first time. It’s interesting and educational, and offers tons of delicious options.


What Katie Ate 

By day, this Sydney resident is a commercial food and lifestyle photographer. But when she’s not doing that, Katie Davies is all-star blogger. Katie’s blog specializes in stunning food photography. It’s less about the recipes and more about other stuff – restaurant reviews, product reviews, artistic pictures, giveaways for her readers. But she does feature great recipes, and it’s fun to see them photographed through a professional artist’s lens.




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