Francesco Sansone

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Inspired by his upbringing Chef Francesco Sansone always knew he wanted to create and succeed as a chef. His father Italian and mother Chinese, he was introduced to two worlds with deep culinary roots and learned how they could coexist. He took that marriage and ran with it.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Costa Mesa, Francesco jumped right into to ranks working with the likes of Chef Micheal Mena & Jose Andres. After 6 years of hard work & dedication, he decided to redirect his creative to a different focus, hence the birth of his own private career.

Francesco is well traveled and has gained inspiration from all over the world ranging from Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Philippines Vietnam, Korea, Japan and many more. He embraces each experience traveled and loves to incorporate it into his creative culinary process.

For the past 12 years, Francesco has thoroughly enjoyed creating high quality, exciting, creative, & nutrition driven food for his discerning clients. He has had the pleasure of working and associating with wonderful high profile individuals, celebrities and brand partners whom each were in need of a lifestyle/diet change and a unique culinary experience.

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