Josh Dunton

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Chef Josh has over 20 years of experience in the culinary world working in restaurants and as a personal chef. His inspiration for food came at a young age from his family, always watching his Grandparents cook new and innovative dishes which fueled his passion for food.

Chef Josh has trained under some of the world’s most renowned Chefs such as Chef Jose Andres and Chef Gordon Ramsay. While working for Gordon Ramsay, Josh was a part of the culinary team that helped The London West Hollywood obtain their first Michelin star.

Chef Josh went on to start his own Catering Company specializing in creating fine dining experiences at home. Josh specializes in French and Japanese cuisines, as well as Farm to Table using organic, healthy produce. Josh prides himself on catering to the special needs and requests of every client, while still making his dishes entertaining, healthy, and tasty.

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