David Seawell – Classic Southern Menu


Pimento cheese, buttermilk black pepper biscuit, ham

Gulf shrimp and hominy with worcestershire mushrooms

Johnnycake, crab salad, spring onion

Tuna tartare, “gin & tonic” green tomato relish, avocado puree and blossoms

Sugar snap peas with pickled cherries and peanuts


Chicken, lacinato kale, roasted sweet potato, spiced pecans,
brown butter jus

Confit duck leg, farro verde, spring onion, black garlic jus

Pork chop, sourdough bread pudding, onion soubise

Scallops, sweet onion rice porridge, radish, sprouts

Strip Steak, wilted spinach, fingerling potatoes, preserved tomato, braised butterbeans


Banana brown butter tart – fleur de sel caramel

Strawberry shortcake – mascarpone & macerated strawberries

Mini cherry clafoutis – almond crème

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