Fabian Sanchez 5 Course Tasting Menu

Aniseed Cabbage Bisque, Purple Cabbage Crostini, Paprika Oil

Seafood Paella Arancini, Saffron Bomba Rice, Crab/Shimp/Squid. Brava Sauce, Sweet Pepper Confetti, Parsley

Poached Pear Salad, Lavash Cracker, Curled Endive, Arugula, Passion Fruit Vin, Tangerine Segments

Roasted Stripped Bass, Kabocha Pomme Puree, Linguica Sherry Vin Mignonette, Enoki Mushroom

Honey Lavender Flan, Infused Honey Lavender, Meyer Lemon, Strawberry Chip, Honey Comb, Turron Crumble, Maldon Salt

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