Fernando Arias – Canapé Menu

Cold Canapés

Foie gras tartlet, raspberry gel, Pine nut

Charred lettuce hearts, hazelnut butter, fennel pollen

Confit yellow tomato soup, crispy parmesan, avocado

Almond gazpacho, honey, apple, olive oil

Bread, tomato relish, anchovy, charred pickled onion

Hot Canapés

Clam, harbison, cheese croquette

Shrimp & pork toast, coconut caramel, lemongrass, toasted rice powder

Roasted & pickled carrot, yogurt, sesame seed, coriander,

Smoked Potato, pickled vegetable Aioli, fried beef

Fried Pork rillettes, charred peach, pickled shallot

Substantial Canapés

Brown Butter squash, Goat cheese, honey, pumpkin seed

Mushroom every way (pickled, raw, fried, roasted, pureed), rosemary butter, chervil

Slow cooked egg yolk, crispy chicken skin, smoked trout roe

Seared cauliflower, sunflower seeds, tahini, sumac

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