Fernando Arias – A La Carte Menu


Market greens, Charred peaches, nectarine vinaigrette, goat cheese, fried prosciutto

Roasted zucchini, seaweed, toasted nori, charred onions, sesame seeds

Shrimp mousseline, Blackened cabbage, toasted rice powder, onion broth

Rosé poached crab, raspberries, chervil, olive oil

Butter lettuce, hazelnut praline, apple, mango vinegar, fennel pollen


Poached chicken breast, Chicken rillettes, crispy chicken skin, roasted turnip, pickled chanterelles, chicken jus

Butter poached Halibut, potato terrine, Charred zucchini, nori powder, bouillabaisse sauce

Honey glazed Beef, coconut flan, carrot, bee pollen

Lamb belly, tomato braised legumes, kohlrabi, fried bread

Sichuan oil poached prawn, roasted pork belly, squid ink corn filled pasta, blistered tomatoes.


Confit citrus pot de crème, lemon pearls, candied orange segments, Meyer lemon whip cream

Star anise cake, tofu sauce, sesame seed brittle, toasted cinnamon oil

Coconut Strawberry shortcake, sweet & condensed milk,

Kunik cheese, dulce de leche, fried hazelnuts

Pistachio curd, Orange & annatto financier, guava leather

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