Joshua Harmon- 5 Course Tasting Menus

Tasting Menu 1

Little crab tostada, Japanese mayo and avocado

Focaccia, roasted tomatoes & olives, served with ricotta and local honey

Roasted shrimp with maple and Harissa served with naan

White truffle, mushroom and pecorino rigatoni

Assorted macaroons, homemade chocolate truffles and little spiced cookies


Tasting Menu 2

Sumac pickles and smoked yogurt

Barley stuffed grape leaves and preserved lemon mayo

Lamb tartar house made turmeric mustard and Garlic pita

Braised chicken thigh, zatar, tomato and spiced rice with raisins and pine nuts

Whipped mascarpone, honey come, olive oil cake



Tasting Menu 3

Spicy tuna maki, toasted sesame mayo and radish

Chilled Moo shu, fermented cabbage, pickled crab, malted crepe and chili crisp

Florida red Shrimp, black miso butter, kewpie milk toast, sun flower and Benito flake

Chard pork loin, smoked carrot and shoyu, Sweet chili Roasted peanuts and Pickles

A variety of Mochi



Tasting Menu 4

Escargot, garlic, butter, Pernod, tons of fresh parsley and homemade bread

Stone crab cakes, smoked dijonaise, pickled apple and caviar

Roasted shrimp Louis, remoulade, Myer lemon and horseradish

Filet of beef, black truffle and pepper corn cream, robuchon potatoes and Roasted mushrooms

Black and white pie, salted Carmel and sesame



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