Joshua Harmon- 5 Course Tasting Menus

A Night in Tulum

Today’s catch, aguachile, green apple, red onion, serrano and black pepper vinegar

Steamed tamale, chipotle, aged cream, pickled onion, shaved corn and cotija

Taco de trucha, smokey trout, dressed cabbage, yellow chili bruto and jalapeno cremosa

Puerco in mole, sesame, abuela’s rice

Mexican hot chocolate cake, dulce de leches, smoked chili and cracked sea salt



Parisian Bistro

Farmers radish, french ham, freshly churned butter and sea salt

Beef tartar, dijonaise, caper, shallot, fresh egg yolk and crispy potato

Field leaf salad with maple vinaigrette, sliced orange, walnuts and cave aged blue cheese

Bay scallop with chantrelles, heir covert, robachon potatoes and bechamel

Macarons, bon bons and french spiced cookies with Chantilly



Tokyo Cafe

Watermelon “tuna”, sushi rice, furikake, wasabi mayo and radish

Smoked salmon maki, sweet miso, pickles and sprouts

Steamed gyoza, sweet shoyu, cucumber condiment

Udon, chili crunch, garlic nori butter and sesame

Assorted mochi with toasted rice cream



Italiano for the Day

Focaccia, homemade ricotta, roasted tomato and olive, lemon, truffle and honey comb

Romain lettuce, anchovy Dressing, roasted garlic crumbs, tons of Parm and charred lemon

Truffle risotto, roasted mushroom, herb salad dressed in preserved lemon

Home made Gnocchi with braised short rib, black pepper and tons of Parm

Nona’s tiramisu



Gigi’s Southern Favourites

Deviled eggs with pork cracklin and hot sauce honey

Blue crab pimento cheese, pickles, honey comb and warm biscuits

Permanent brussel slaw, with pecans, green onion, cabbage and apple cider vinegar

Shrimp and grits, black butter sauce, smoked tomato, sausage and Gouda grits

Black cherry dump cake and salted whip cream it



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