Peter Barlow – 5 Course Tasting Menu

Tasting Menu 1

Red Snapper, Tree-ripened Starfruit, Avocado, Puffed Buckwheat Groats, Passionfruit Lime Shiro-Dashi

Golden Beet Tart, Caramelized Aged Alpine Goat Cheese, Preserved Elderflower Honey Jam, Winter Herbs from the Garden

Squid Ink Manicotti, Alaskan King Crab, Whipped Kale-Ricotta, Tangerine Brown Butter Brodo

Coconut Ash-Marinated Tenderloin, Aerated Yukon Truffle & Horseradish Potato, Pearl Onion, Turnip

Chocolate Almond Millefeulle, Dark Beer Espuma, Cookie Wintergreen Cremeux, Candied Nibs, Blackberry Sorbet


Tasting Menu 2

Oyster & Pearls , Gooseberry, Golden Osetra Caviar, Finger Lime, Bronze Fennel, Sorghum Popcorn

Roast of Rabbit Loin, Celebration of Early Spring Greens, Heirloom Baby Carrot, Hunter Sauce

BBQ’d Sablefish, Kolarhabi Confit, Miso-Turnip Espuma, Eel Shiro-Dashi

A Bar A Ranch Wagyu Beef Brisket and Ribeye, Aerated Robuchon Gouda Potato, Brussel Petals, Foie Glac

Coconut- Pistachio Mascarpone Gâteau, Crémeux Exotique, Blood Orange Citrus Gelee, Glacage de Apricot


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