Rossana Valenzano – Canapé Menu

Cold Canapés

Japanese tuna tataki, dark soy and blood orange dressing

Italian focaccia, burrata, pesto

Smoked trout, Asian cucumber salad

Middle East eggplant, black rice, quinoa, pomegranate seeds, coconut dressing

Pepper crusted beef carpaccio, light aioli, baby rocket, enoki mushrooms, caramelised balsamic dressing

 Oyster shot, cucumber, green apple Asian dressing

Hot Canapés

Open taco, crispy skin pork belly, special slaw

Pan-seared scallops, crunchy scallions, orange black rice

Potato puree, 65°egg, truffle oil, parmesan crisp, orange caviar

Manchego, corn, picked jalapeno croquettes, chipotle aioli

Lime, garlic and chilli big prawns wrapped with prosciutto

Mini croissant, braised radicchio, asiago, roasted garlic aioli

Substantial Canapés

Spiced rice, coconut and pumpkin puree, spicy prawns

Baked tagliatelle, pistachio and basil pesto, melted mozzarella cheese, crunchy pancetta

Coconut wild rice, avocado and lemon dressing, pomegranate seeds, middle east grilled chicken

Traditional Italian eggplant parma


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