Tips for the perfect Dinner Party: Part 2 – Personal Chef Blog

Tips for the perfect Dinner Party: Part 2 – Personal Chef Blog

Dinner Party Tips

In part one of our series of dinner party tips we looked at some great ways to ensure you throw the perfect dinner party. Read on for more great ways to be the perfect host. Personal Chef Blog.

Check in with guests– After you hire your personal chef, the next thing you want to do is check in with your confirmed guests. Do they eat meat? Do they have special dietary restrictions? Do they have any allergies? Have these questions answered before you begin planning your menu with your private chef.

Serve food at proper temperature– Getting everything to the table on time and at the right temperature is one of the most challenging things about hosting a dinner party. Avoid serving cold soup and warm salads by hiring a personal chef and letting them get everything on the table at the perfect time and temperature.

Family Style Appetizers-Instead of having hors d’oeuvres passed, consider having your dinner party chef serve them family style. Appetizers can be laid out near the bar to encourage sampling and snacking. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere for the evening.

Encourage Mingling– When you are setting out seating for your dinner party, obviously you will have a chair for everyone at your table. These same rules do not apply for pre-dinner drinks. Leaving fewer chairs than guests encourages guests to stand and move around the room to talk to each other.

Get Creative with Centerpieces-Flowers are always a good choice, but don’t rule out interesting groupings of random objects that are united by a colour palette, or try simple bowls, plates, or vases filled with fresh fruits.

Try a DIY Cocktail Bar– provide a few select liquors, garnishes, ice, glasses, and a shaker. Guests will love mixing and shaking up their own concoctions. A DIY bar also acts as a great conversation starter as guests may offer to mix up something special for one another.

Set the table Properly-A personal chef can help you set a beautiful table. Having a properly set table not only looks fantastic, it also allows the service of the meal to flow seamlessly from one course to the next without interrupting conversation.

Mix up the dessert selection-Offer dessert selections that are both light and decadent. While some would prefer to nosh a rick chocolate treat, others would prefer a bit of fruit with honey after their meal.

Linger over after dinner drinks-With a catered party, you have the pleasure of lingering over after dinner drinks after the plates have been cleared away. This is often the time when the party either dwindles or gains new momentum. As the host, it’s important to be part of this time.

Considering these tips during your next dinner party preparation will ensure that you create an event that both you and your guests will enjoy and remember.

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